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WHAT IS THE NAME OF MY DOG? [entries|friends|calendar]
Chauncey's Fans!

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UH-OH! [29 Aug 2006º11:17am]

Chauncey's account has been hacked - AGAIN.

However, Jimmy and Chauncey have been on my ass about making a new account from scratch, so I'll be getting started on that.

All I ask is for all of you to try and get people aware of what's going on:
Post bulletins, leave comments, hell, just message people tellin' 'em what's goin' on.

I'll be getting started soon!

-Chauncey's Personal Secretary
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[26 Aug 2006º11:27pm]

Dearest Chauncy,

I just want to scratch behind your ear
and make your tail wag.
Screamed Chauncey's Name

Chauncey is... [25 Aug 2006º11:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Amazing. I love this dog to death, ever since the first time I saw him in concert. And he gives the greatest advice.

Love you Chauncey.

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[25 Aug 2006º11:55pm]


That is all.
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Background Audio [25 Aug 2006º05:55pm]

Chauncey's myspace audio came from here.
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What a good dog! [25 Aug 2006º05:38pm]

Hey, guys!

Welcome to Chauncey's official livejournal community!

Post pictures of Chauncey, make icons of Chauncey, hell, just talk about general MSI here!
Have fun!!

Chauncey's Personal Secretary
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